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5 Big Benefits of Having a Capsule Wardrobe

Jan 24, 2020 Keith Wealleans

Imagine having a morning routine that’s chaotic from 6am to 8.30am.It doesn’t matter what time you rise and shine or how much preparation you’ve done the night before, the minutes race by in a haze of screaming children, partners running late and lost belongings. And consequently, you feel overwhelmed before your day has even begun. 

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5 Ways to Style Denim for Work

Jan 24, 2020 Keith Wealleans

Wearing denim to work is similar to offering employees flexible work hour options: companies are starting to embrace it. This, of course, is good news for fashion-minded women. Once deemed to be strictly casual wear, denim has risen through the ranks and become

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How to wear… prints!

Jan 24, 2020 Emma L

Experimenting with prints and patterns is one of the best ways to add some pizazz into your autumn/winter wardrobe.We know that the transition from bright summer florals to darker, autumnal colour palettes can be somewhat gloomy, which is why prints are here to save the day!

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Sustainability & Coster Copenhagen

Jan 24, 2020

Coster Copenhagen focus on preserving and rebuilding for the future and want to ensure that as a company they really do make a difference and pursue transparency and honesty. Therefore, instead of supporting large scale organisations, they strive to find and chose CSR projects on their own.

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10 Practical Ways of taking more than 2 hours back each day for you

Jan 21, 2020 Keith Wealleans

Overtime I have applied each of these for my daily routine.  It takes some time and discipline but the benefits are amazing.  We each have 24 hours a day and always wondered why it just never seemed enough until I really looked at where I was spending my time.

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5 Small but impactful goals to set in January that you can achieve

Jan 15, 2020 Keith Wealleans

January is typically a month for new beginnings and when we fantasise and plan for the possibilities that could lie ahead.  It’s also the time when millions of people around the world make those big New Year’s resolutions only to feel disappointed in themselves weeks later when they inevitably fail. Have you ever noticed how it is really is the little things in life that cause us overwhelm and stress each day

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