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7 Ways To Style A T-Shirt For All Occasions

Apr 20, 2020 Keith Wealleans

When it comes to T-shirts, there is no such thing as “too many”. T-shirt designs are always evolving, and we can’t help but fall in love with the new colours, slogans, prints, and overall designs which come out season after season. Our T-shirt drawer is always expanding – so much so that it’s no longer just one single drawer – but we don’t begrudge any piece, as there is an occasion for each and every one of them.

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5 Colours You Should Wear to Boost Your Mood

Apr 17, 2020 Keith Wealleans

On those days you wake up feeling low, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to instantly flip your frown upside down?Well, actually, there is — and it involves wearing certain colours.You see, different hues on the colour wheel are proven to pick you up more than you realise. Some studies even suggest we feel colours more than we see them.

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The Summer Trends We Will Be Rocking The Moment We Come Out of Lockdown

Apr 13, 2020

Apparently spring has sprung. Not that we would know it, of course. Thank you, Coronavirus. Despite being cooped up inside, we are trying to remain in good spirits and stay positive, ever hopeful that Covid-19 will disappear for good and we can finally start celebrating the warmer weather we have been longing for since October.

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15 Weird Fashion Trends We Will Never Understand

Apr 06, 2020 Keith Wealleans

Day 7025 of quarantine. How is everyone handling social distancing and self-isolating? In these strange and confusing times, we thought we would take a light-hearted trip down memory lane, and look at some of the weird....

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Is Intentional Buying the New Way to Shop?

Mar 30, 2020

Everyone loves a bargain. There's nothing quite like that warm fuzzy feeling you get whenever you see a half-price label. When our eyes meet one of those red or yellow stickers, it’s likely that we instantly put the item into our baskets and walk on feeling pleased with ourselves. Yet have you ever thought....

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What The Heck Should We Wear In Spring? – I.e. The Most Sartorially Confusing Season Of All

Mar 20, 2020

Although spring means the end of bitter winter temperatures, the start of daylight saving, and more Easter eggs than we care to admit we buy and eat, we don’t actually look forward to the start of the season. We hate to say it, but spring is our least favourite season because understanding the ins and outs of quantum physics is probably easier than finding the right thing to wear every day. Especially in the first few months… 

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