I walk around

“I walk around like everything is fine but deep down inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off”

Some things

“Some things are better left unsaid. Which I generally realise after I’ve said them.”

Looking Awful

         “Looking awful increases your chance of meeting somebody you know 100%”

Do you confuse fashion with style?

Do you confuse fashion with style? I know I certainly did, for a long time in fact. Regularly I would lust after the latest clothing pieces in magazines, what the celebrities were wearing and what was adorned on the catwalk. Excitedly I’d click purchase – positive that once my pieces would arrive I would be transformed into this amazing beautiful person filled with confidence.

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Your Style Your Story is about so much more than just clothes.
Your style is your signature. It’s an expression of who you are. Wearing what we picked out and combined in a rush can make us feel uncomfortable in own skin. We understand that and the never ending rush and pressure you feel under, not having the luxury of time to create a style that truly reflects you.
We are passionate about helping you translate your unique personality into your style – on your time, in your way. It’s about a community where we celebrate our personal stories, as well as differences and quirkiness – whether in our style or in our attitude towards life.

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much more than just clothes

whether in our style or attitude towards life.

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