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15 Weird Fashion Trends We Will Never Understand

Apr 06, 2020 Keith Wealleans

Day 7025 of quarantine. How is everyone handling social distancing and self-isolating? In these strange and confusing times, we thought we would take a light-hearted trip down memory lane, and look at some of the weird....

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Is Intentional Buying the New Way to Shop?

Mar 30, 2020

Everyone loves a bargain. There's nothing quite like that warm fuzzy feeling you get whenever you see a half-price label. When our eyes meet one of those red or yellow stickers, it’s likely that we instantly put the item into our baskets and walk on feeling pleased with ourselves. Yet have you ever thought....

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What The Heck Should We Wear In Spring? – I.e. The Most Sartorially Confusing Season Of All

Mar 20, 2020

Although spring means the end of bitter winter temperatures, the start of daylight saving, and more Easter eggs than we care to admit we buy and eat, we don’t actually look forward to the start of the season. We hate to say it, but spring is our least favourite season because understanding the ins and outs of quantum physics is probably easier than finding the right thing to wear every day. Especially in the first few months… 

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What To Wear In Spring That Isn’t Floral Or Pastel

Mar 20, 2020

Put on your finest Miranda Priestly voice, and repeat after us: “Florals? For spring? Ground-breaking...” – followed by a gargantuan eye-roll!    If you also feel that there is so much more to springtime dressing than florals and pretty pastels (gorgeous as they both are) then read on…

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Save Money AND Space With These Simple Style Hacks

Mar 20, 2020

Spring cleaning your wardrobe can be quite disheartening when you realise that the faux fur teddy you absolutely had to have last autumn has been taking up space in your wardrobe without so much as one single outing. Not only is it a waste of valuable wardrobe space, but let’s face it, it was a waste of money too. Money that could have been spent on a staple item such as a brand new work blouse, or put towards something more exciting such as a holiday. We’re all guilty of this, so we’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide of simple style hacks to stop such mishaps from happening in the future…

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20 Life-Changing Style and Beauty Hacks Every Fashionista Should Know

Mar 09, 2020 Keith Wealleans

We always keep a scarf in our bag – a big one stuffed inside when it’s cold, or a cute silk one tied to the handle. But we bet a lot of people don’t know that it’s not just a style statement - or just because of the unpredictable weather – but for a far more interesting reason too. After being clumsy one too many times, it’s actually in case we have an accidental coffee spill and need something to cover it up. Genius right? Here are some other incredibly helpful – sometimes even life-saving – hacks that we want to pass on…

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