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IOAKU Elipse Earrings Gold White

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IOAKU Elipse Earrings Gold White 

”Woman is not a circle with a single center, she is an ellipse with a double focus”

This elegant jewellery has been inspired from the shape of an elipse and the magic of our universe. A WOW factor is stamped on those multifunctional earring made in two pieces. 2 in1 earrings with surgical steel which prevent all allergies. Fashion, design and beauty. All in the same piece of jewellery. An amazing lion covers the stud to give strength and power to the person wearing them.

 Eco-friendly production in alloy and five layers of 18k gold metal plating for optimum durability. Nickel, Lead and Cadmium free.

Elipse design 1,8x1,3cm 

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