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The Essentials Collection LookBook

Isn’t it about time we fell back in love with our style?

As I shared before, 3 years ago, I had a walk-in-wardrobe, filled to the brim and only wore a handful of the pieces I owned.

Constantly buying in sales or impulse buying but never considering what it was actually going to match with.

As a result, when I was moving house I had 9 bags of clothes to give to charity and I hate to admit it but there was more than one piece still with those unmissable red labels.

I felt guilty every time I saw clothes hanging in my wardrobe, that I had worked hard to buy but just had no idea where or what to wear them with.

We have so much going on in our lives that choosing what to wear and feeling confident shouldn’t take up so much time and energy.

Having walked the walk and now seeing how simplified my morning routine is since I reduced my wardrobe, I just can’t wait for you to live this way too.
Feeling great every day, simply because the only pieces in my wardrobe are pieces that I adore and love to wear.
I know creating your own capsule wardrobe can seem so overwhelming when we are already in the middle of a list of 100 to dos and that’s why I wanted to create this for you.

The Essentials Collection has every piece you will need this Summer and will truly become the foundation of what you wear.

I have named each piece after my friends as I know these pieces will become your friends who will create simplicity in your life every day. You will trust them. You will love them and will enjoy being around them all day long.

Imagine opening your wardrobe every day and being excited about what to wear again.

Imagine from now on shopping with intent and knowing what pieces will work well with your wardrobe.

I hope you enjoy browsing through our look book to see all of the gorgeous looks you can create with just 12 pieces - as I really want you to see that looking good everyday should and can be this simple x

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