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Have the expectations of a 7 year old


How do our expectations impact how we live? Isn’t it amazing that as soon as we become adults we instantly believe we can predict the future?

Think about it.. How many times have you seen an amazing job vacancy and thought I’d really like to apply for that role. Then instantly you play the scenario forward and conclude that there’s really no point as your CV won’t match the calibre of other applicants and even if by some chance you were successful you probably wouldn’t be up to the role.

Or how many times have you thought about getting fit and running a 10k race only to again predict that you would never be able to complete the distance and would ultimately embarrass or injure yourself? If you talk to your friends, you will quickly realise that we are all guilty of this self-limiting process of predicting the future.

If you are truly honest how many of your past predictions actually came through? Or did the prediction have such a negative outcome that you immediately shut down the thought of attempting the idea?

Earlier this year I read an article that suggested this type of thinking is our minds way of protecting us from danger and keeping us in a safe comfort zone.

So today I’d like to share a personal tale to explain why I plan on predicting the future a little less each day.

Earlier today my seven year old son and his friend asked could they hold a “sale of work” on our green. Yesterday they had spotted a young girl selling juice on a stand and quickly decided that they could do something similar. Immediately my mother instinct of protection kicked in and I wanted to save them both from disappointment. Surely people would have little interest and they would stand there all day with no success and so I can began predicting the future. I gently mentioned it was a bad idea and maybe we could do something else fun instead. Neither of them would be deterred and they both excitedly ran into the kitchen to see what they could “sell”. Five minutes later they appeared triumphant having found a packet of biscuits that they would sell as individuals. Nothing could stop them and off they went making their stand and their signs. Over the next few hours more friends joined the stand with their biscuits. As the sun set the stall was closed and I sat in disbelief as they counted their earnings. €28 in takings all made from a packet of biscuits that cost less than €1.

My son had no future prediction when he decided he wanted to set up his stall. He just knew it was something he wanted to do and as a result he and his friends are now searching for books to sell tomorrow.

Imagine if as adults we were to focus less on the predicted outcome and more on taking chances. Who knows what possibilities and adventures could lie ahead.

What have you always wanted to try? What happened when you ignored your fears and took a chance?

Let us know. We love hearing and sharing your stories.

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Have a great day!

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