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Find your rainbow

living our imperfect lives

It is not about chasing the rainbow to the gold at the end.

It is about taking the time to see the good in the rainbow from where you are.
What is it about a rainbow that always makes you stop to look? Does a rainbow ever not make you instantly smile inside?  

Each time we see a rainbow we still get so excited and a sense of happiness is felt. My 8 year old says it is because of all the different colours. That each colour is a symbol of something good in the world. My older son thinks it’s because it means the sun is out and that is something rare in Ireland. For me it brings me back to childhood memories of attempting to cycle with friends until we could find the end of the rainbow.

What if with all of the busyness each day we stopped to look for a rainbow? What could be our rainbow? Our go to place when we feel overwhelmed or sad or maybe even angry. That for just five minutes would take us out of the negative space and give us a quick reset. What would you choose as your rainbow? You don’t need to see it but it’s important you can feel it inside. Maybe you’re similar to me and love music? – the right song can instantly uplift my mood.

What if we tried to be a bit more aware each day, recognise our negative thoughts and realise we have the choice to either shift our feelings or dwell in them. How empowered would we feel knowing that how we react to anything is completely within our control?

Next time your mood needs a shift try thinking of your rainbow. Start looking, and you will see the rainbow that’s there every day. 

Have a great day!

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