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Could wearing a Work ‘Uniform’ increase your chances of being successful? 


Would you believe the average adult makes 35,000 decisions per day? Incredible to think isn’t it?  

Our first decision can be whether to hit the snooze button or not. Whether to read our emails when we first awake or start the day with exercise. If we do start with exercise we decide what exercise to begin with and so on throughout the day right into the evening deciding whether to click like on our friends’ social media posts or simply scroll past.
Research tells us that each time we make a decision we move closer to decision fatigue reducing our brainpower and time for everything else.

Think of your morning routine as you dress for the day ahead. Should I wear a dress or, trousers and a blouse? Which colours? Tights or no tights? Now what shoes and handbag will match? Imagine for a moment all of those decisions being eliminated. You open your wardrobe and know instinctively what you are going to wear. You have a work ‘uniform’. No thought process just the simple act of getting dressed. No added stress as you remember your matching blouse is in the laundry basket.

We know that Steve Jobs famously wore black turtle neck tops, jeans and trainers each day. Mark Zuckerberg wears a work uniform typically consisting of a grey t-shirt and jeans. What prompts people to do this?

So they don’t waste a minute of their day thinking about what to wear and by automating daily repetitive decisions they save their brainpower for the more important decisions of the day.

The benefits are clear:

- Save time each morning
- Conserve decision power for all of your other daily decisions

However I struggled to find examples of women following a work uniform to such extremes. Yes, there are examples of women wearing the same style of dress each day or consistently wearing a scarf but does this really mean they have a work uniform or is it more so a sense of their style being consistent?

Are women less open to this concept than men? For some women their clothing gives them their sense of confidence and sets them up for the day. For other women clothing is more functional with less emotions attached.

Would a compromise be better of perhaps having three or four work uniforms that you could rotate? I love the idea of saving time and reducing stress each morning but a work uniform 100% of the time – I’m not quite sure.

Does the concept of a work uniform fill you with delight at the thought of reducing your morning anxiety or would wearing the same outfit each day fill you with dread?

Do you have a work uniform? We’d love to hear what you think. Let us know in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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