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Coster Copenhagen Denmark- Brand Spotlight

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Our spotlight brand this week is Coster Copenhagen Denmark. Ever wondered what that small metal wing is sewn onto your dress? Read on and find out everything you need to know about this colourful brand.

Established in Denmark in 2012, Coster Copenhagen is a family-run fashion brand which has quickly grown into a recongnised international brand.

Their brand DNA can be summarised as follows: Classy, Playful, Quality, Conscious

I personally pick each brand we stock and the first test I compare each new brand against?

Our – Buy Better, Buy Less, motto.

Why does that matter so strongly to Your Style Your Story?

Think about it – how much love will you have for a dress that you just grabbed on an impulse buy because of that red sale tag. Will you wear it once / twice and then what? It sits in the back of your wardrobe?

With Coster Copenhagen each piece is an investment. This is not fast fashion. You will really think about what piece you will wear most often and are literally transported into the future imagining all of the places and events you will wear your new Coster Copenhagen suit to – your best friend’s wedding, your Friday date night, that weekend escape to the countryside, those lazy lunches where you laugh about nothing with your girlfriends....

Why not invest in clothing that still excites you two years later to wear? All of our customers comment that you really can feel the difference when you are wearing Coster Copenhagen Denmark clothing range.

Open your wardrobe each morning excited to choose what to wear. Instead of anxiously looking at a bulging wardrobe of impulse purchases and grabbing the same go-to outfit. Concluding that yet again you have nothing to wear. 


Coster Copenhagen is designed for a modern woman who wants to feel comfortable and look amazing at the same time. She does not chase fashion trends, instead she picks up the trends she like and effortlessly combines them with her own individual style.

She is confident in life and does not want to be compared to other women. However, she is not easy to pin, because this woman is diverse and interesting and likes the combination of being feminine yet raw and strong.

Live life your way, your time, your path and with your own style. Do you love colours and patterns but sometimes feel a bit self-conscious to experiment?

All of my models as you know are friends of mine since college. At our first photoshoot they loved the Coster Copenhagen collection. We had an amazing day combining different styles, stepping out in different patterns and the feel of the tailoring and quality of the fabric left each of my friends in love with the Coster Copenhagen brand from that day forward.

So if you are starting to build your Coster Copenhagen Denmark collection what would be my first recommendations to you?

Start with the basics. We call them basics but these basics have such a luxurious feel and I find myself wearing them so many times throughout the week as they literally can be added to any outfit for any event.

The Coster Copenhagen V-Neck T-shirt is the most popular top we sell and our customers love awarding it with 5 star reviews.

Available in Black or soft yellow you will wear this everywhere. It is a great workwear basic to have but match it with jeans at the weekend and you have a effortlessly stylish look that will take seconds to achieve.

Coster Copenhagen black v-neck t-shirt

See Here

Next invest in a pair of the Coster Copenhagen leather trousers – I would suggest this black pair. I love to wear these and they were loved by my friends at the photoshoot in Autumn. Genuine leather front with side pockets. The back of these pants are completely elasticated fabric and they feel so luxurious yet so comfortable to wear all day long. These pants will be a favourite in your wardrobe for years to come.

Coster Copenhagen leather trousers

See Here

Every wardrobe needs a top quality tailored yet feminine suit. Let’s skip black and navy for a bit and imagine how amazing and confident you will feel in this pink suit. I recently wore it to the judging finals of the Business Woman of the year awards and it felt amazing. I wasn’t pulling at my clothes and could just focus on giving the best presentation I could, knowing that I felt confident and empowered in what I was wearing.

The lining, the striking colour, the stunning detail on the buttons and the feminine tailoring create an amazing experience when you wear this suit.

Remember you are not a hanger and deserve to feel amazing and confident in everything you wear. You are your best advertisement to the world.

Don’t forget a suit like this will be worn many times. The pink suit jacket as a standalone over your denims or white dress at the weekend. Your pink trousers with a flowing top when you want to add some colour easily as a smart casual look.

Coster Copenhagen Pink Suit

See Here

No wardrobe is complete without one of the long skirts from Coster Copenhagen Denmark. I love each of the four styles we stock and wear one at least twice a week. The best thing is that they should be worn all year round and by simply changing your shoes from sandals to boots you’ve gone from Summer to Autumn without any money spent on your wardrobe.

Each skirt is fully lined and feels incredibly soft to wear against your skin. Also did you notice the Coster Copenhagen CC black waist band on some of these skirts? This acts and looks like a stylish belt, is completely elasticated and adds such a gorgeous definition to your waist. I love combining my skirts with the basic black v-neck top from above, adding ankle boots, my biker jacket and a crossover bag and I’m dressed in minutes and ready for the day ahead.

Yes wearing jeans is easy but when you wear one of these long skirts you feel so amazing all day long...

Coster Copenhagen long skirt with python print 

See Here

Coster Copenhagen long dark blue skirt in plissé

See Here

Coster Copenhagen yellow skirt with jersey waistband

See Here

I love that Coster Copenhagen clothing is in Ireland and the UK and I love that it gives us access to a range that cares about the environment and offers us a stunning and affordable substainable clothing range.

Our customers just adore the seawool collection. Every wonder how you would feel wearing 15 recycled plastic bottles that were reclaimed from the ocean? Well with Coster Copenhagen you can and these knits are so soft and loved by all of our customers. Knowing your purchase is having a positive effect on the environment and also knowing that you will take pride in wearing this top for years to come – that simply is the best feeling ever.

We have so many in this collection but my favourite to wear is this green short sleeved knit 

I combine it so many ways to create lots of new looks – with my leather trousers, navy long skirt, white capris, dark denims and to work with my pencil skirt and blazer. It absorbs odours so doesn’t need as much washing and the quality is still amazing wash after wash. Just look at the beautiful detail along the cuffs and neckline with this sparkle of pink and glitter.

Coster Copenhagen short sleeve green jumper in seawool 

See Here

As I’ve mentioned Coster Copenhagen is such a versatile brand of clothing. I love how each piece can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Less clothes in your wardrobe, more money in your pocket and a wardrobe where you can actually see what you have and know easily how to combine it for any occasion – night or day! Yes we will take that morning routine please !!

These army elasticated trousers are no exception. Elasticated and with so many pockets they are a great alternative for me to wear when I’m out and about with my young boys. Think long wood trails, farm visits and trips to the cinema. These trousers are the best. The fantastic quality can really be felt in the fabric but they are so soft to wear too that just by adding a pair of white pumps and I can run around for the day. Looking to go from day to night in an instant – these look so on trend with your favourite heels and blouse. Again keep thinking cost per wear, cost per wear...

For day time I love combining these pants with any Coster Copenhagen T-Shirt – who said casual couldn’t be stylish too?

Coster Copenhagen brown trousers with side pockets

See Here

Speaking of t-shirts – the range and design from Coster Copenhagen Denmark will never disappoint you! Lots of our customers commented that they hadn’t worn t-shirts since they were children and never realised how simply stylish they could be.

The tailoring is of such quality that it’s hard to believe it is a t-shirt you are wearing. Neckline is perfect and comfortable, great length and look at how it sits on your shoulders. I always love wearing mine.

Plus they wash great so you will wear them time and time again. You will love the clever prints on each Coster Copenhagen T-Shirt and here is my current favourite with a print of a ladies face on a wonderful blue background.

Coster Copenhagen blue t-shirt with face print

See Here

Finally no wardobe is complete without a shirt dress and this rain print dress from Coster Copenhagen certainly does not disappoint. For an Irish Summer this can we a wonderful basic to have to wear and I am regularly seen in this with white pumps. Winter time and I am adding some flat knee high boots and my biker jacket and away I go to start my day dressed in seconds. No wonder it is receiving 5 star rave reviews!

Coster Copenhagen long shirt dress in rain print 

See Here


Combining a playful and unconventional approach to design and fashion, Coster Copenhagen’s collections always capture the latest trends, colours, creativity and confidence from the city. This is beautifully entwined with a minimalistic Scandinavian silhouette.

Coster Copenhagen Denmark has a great passion for the perfect fit and for proving everyday high quality classics for every woman’s wardrobe. All pieces can be easily dressed up or down, making them extremely versatile. With a focus on combining great style with with comfort by choosing soft and flexible materials an optimal fit is achieved to ensure every woman feels free and comfortable.

By choosing fashion from Coster Copenhagen it is easy to combine styles and feel exclusive – every day. I know once you start incorporating some of these pieces into your wardrobe you will just love how easy it is to create amazing looks for every occasion and wear these styles for years to come. 

" We believe in empowering women which is symbolized with our small wing logo, which is attached as a small pendant at every Coster Copenhagen garment. The talisman of the company encourage all women to be strong, independent and free – to spread their wings and find their inner entrepreneurial and creative spirit.“

Have a great day!


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