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7 Working From Home Tips to Get Tasks Done Efficiently


Working from home is challenging, to say the least.

There can be so many distractions, from online shopping deliveries to cat videos on YouTube.

Needless to say, you have to be disciplined and self-motivated or you won’t succeed.

Struggling? Not to worry - we’ve got you covered. These working from home tips will not only help you get tasks done, but get them done efficiently. 

1. Find a Quiet Spot

Firstly, locate a dedicated “work spot” that’s quiet and distraction-free.

Avoid creating a workspace in your relaxing space, like your bedroom or living room area. Instead, have an allocated office or a section of your kitchen where you can work. This will help you make you the distinction between business and pleasure and consequently create a healthy work-life balance.

Do you work better with background music or noise? Great - be sure to have it on at all times for maximum productivity. 

2. Sit on a Comfy Chair

It sounds simple, but it’s true: a supportive chair is a must when you’re working from home. After all, when you’re uncomfortable, you lose productivity from shuffling around all the time.

Speaking of your work area, it’s totally up to you where you choose to sit. That said, it’s always better to work from a desk or a table rather than a sofa or bed, for instance. This tells your mind that you’re ready to work instead of falling into the trap of relaxing when you should be getting on with that pressing project. 

3. Get Dressed

Sure, it’s nice to have the option of working from home in your pyjamas, but it will help you get going in the morning if you’re fully dressed for the day.

Why? Well, it makes you feel like you mean business. And when you mean business, you get stuff done. Fact. 

4. Eliminate Potential Distractions

It’s also important to leave your phone in another room or put it on “Do Not Disturb” mode when you’re trying to work.

Expecting important calls? That’s okay - just have your phone charging nearby so that you can’t be tempted to grab it and take a peek when you should be cracking on.

When it comes to your computer, make sure that you only have tabs open that are relevant to your work. Then give yourself an allotted time frame to check out cool things on the web once all your tasks are completed. 

5. Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

Some of us need caffeine to function when we work from home, but it’s also imperative that you drink plenty of water.

Essentially, your brain notices when your body is dehydrated. It starts to focus on conserving its resources, which then results in less space and energy for working on a specific task.

The trick is to frequently fuel your brain and you’ll notice a huge difference. Trust us. 

6. Get Out of Your Chair

In addition, you should have regular breaks when you’re working from home where you get up out of your chair and move around.

Go for a nice walk, put a load of washing in the machine or even change up your work environment by heading to a cafe.

Either way, keep in mind that your body suffers when you're sat for so long. If you get it moving, you’ll burn calories, increase your energy levels and simultaneously get your creative juices flowing to be able to tackle your assignment quicker. Winning. 

7. Reward Yourself

Finally, give yourself something to look forward to while you’re working from home, like catching up with your favourite Netflix show at lunch or allowing yourself to have a cup of tea and biscuit break after finishing a particular task.

Having a set reward in place to work towards really aids your productivity levels and encourages you to get your head down faster. Why? Well, the sooner you get your work done, the sooner you can have your reward. Simple. 

Working From Home: Remember We’re All Only Human

Working from home can be tough, so don’t be too harsh on yourself if you keep getting distracted.

Like any professional in the working world, you’re going to find that some days are more productive than others. If you’re really struggling, stop and do something else for a while. Or just try again tomorrow after a good night’s sleep.

Either way, you’ll get there eventually. Just have faith in yourself and your abilities and the rest will follow.

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Have a great day!

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