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5 Small but impactful goals to set in January that you can achieve

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January is typically a month for new beginnings and when we fantasise and plan for the possibilities that could lie ahead. It’s also the time when millions of people around the world make those big New Year’s resolutions only to feel disappointed in themselves weeks later when they inevitably fail.

Have you ever noticed how it is really is the little things in life that cause us overwhelm and stress each day? What if for 2020 we tackled our bad habits instead and committed to instilling some goods habits into each day? You know those ones that we all know are important but we choose to ignore every day?

Fast forward to 31 December 2020 – how different would your life look?

To help you with this below are 5 simple resolutions we think would have a real positive impact for you each day. 


Yes your Mum was correct and we all know this. How many times have we lectured our own children about the importance of this – yet do we lead by example? Want to have a productive day? Well it actually starts the night before. Most of us need between 7 – 9 hours sleep a night. Think you can survive on 6 hours? Really only 1% of the population can regularly do this without negative consequences. Commit to getting enough sleep, set a sleep alarm to remind you it’s time for bed and after only a few nights of consistent sleep you will definitely notice a huge improvement in not only your productivity at work but your mood and even anxiety levels.


Might seem obvious but a lot of us are guilty of always underestimating our journey time and arriving to meetings and appointments late. My previous boss insisted on being at least 10 minutes early for everything. At the time I thought this a waste of time as surely I was more productive using those ten minutes for something else instead of sitting in my car. But think about how stressful you feel when you’re running to an exact time and then encounter a road block, bad traffic or no parking. Fumbling to send an apologetic text and arriving red faced for your meeting? Save yourself the stress and commit for 2020 to always arrive 10 minutes earlier.


Gossip is a complete energy killer. We all like to think we don’t gossip but practice watching out for it and you might just see that you do in fact gossip more than you would like to think. Gossiping will always tarnish your own reputation and make you seem less trustworthy. But more than that think about the amount of negative energy and time it sucks from you. It can seriously drag your mood down and the moods of those around you. Next time someone tries to engage you in a gossip, politely smile and excuse yourself. They’ll soon look for someone else and you will feel a much better person for rising above it all.


There is so much talk on practicing daily gratitude. You might think it is a lot of nonsense and brings no benefit but would you commit to trying for at least 7 days? Two months ago I decided to give this a try and every night, before bed, I record on my phone 3 things I am grateful for. It doesn’t need to be big things like money or your new car. Focus on the simple things such as hearing the joke your child told you that day or that you got a seat for once on the train home from work. The trick is to really feel the emotion as you are writing down each point. People who practice gratitude receive endless benefits – feel more alive, sleep better, lower stress and even have stronger immune systems. I began feeling the benefits within the first week and now I couldn’t imagine going to bed without first doing this.


I bet you will read this and think – 20 minutes – do you know how busy I am? How many things I have to juggle – how could I possibly that 20 minutes for just me? Well, you wouldn’t leave your phone out of the charger for 2 days and still expect it to work? So why would we be any different? Set an alarm on your phone and commit to taking those 20 minutes. Don’t check your emails or facebook. This time is just for you as a simple reset button. So many things could be done in these 20 minutes – that Podcast you wanted to hear, the next chapter of a book, a simple walk outside. The trick is at the start of the week write down for each day the activity you will use your 20 minutes for. Then the alarm goes off and hey presto you know straight away what you are to do. I always accompany my 20 minutes with a cup of tea and it really gives me the little boost I need every day.

Do you have any other simple resolutions to add to this list? We’d love to hear from you on which ones help you the most.

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Wishing you a fantastic 2020! 

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