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20 Things Women over 30 Google

living our imperfect lives

Anyone remember that dark time before “Google” arrived? It’s funny to think how we actually survived school projects and answering any query in our lives before then! Seriously though I use google as my doctor, my beauty expert and my, always on standby, 24 hours a day, life coach.

We all cringe at the thoughts of someone getting access to our google search history so to reassure you that you’re not alone in your daily searches here’s a list of 20 things we all find ourselves asking google:

1. What chocolate contains the least calories?
2. The best jeans to make my bum look smaller?
3. How sore is Botox?
4. One day late, could I be menopausal?
5. One day late, could I be pregnant?
6. When do you go insane from a lack of sleep?
7. Breastfeeding and drinking coffee – will my baby get addicted to caffeine?
8. Can you cook waffles in the toaster?
9. Does waxing your lip cause a darker moustache?
10. Jennifer Anniston’s skin routine
11. Do I really hate my husband?
12. What to do when your toddler eats dog food?
13. Where can you buy wine in bulk?
14. Can you die from a hangover?
15. Is it bad to pinch my husband if he’s snoring?
16. Best way to remove raisins from my 3 year old’s nostrils
17. Is 40 too old to go to a nightclub?
18. Second date, how to tell if he’s falling in love?
19. Third date, why has he stopped calling?
20. How many cats are too many cats?

Thank you google for being our fountain of knowledge lol!  

Have a great day!

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