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Packing Tips for The Jetsetting woman


Travelling for business comes with a lot of perks, the highlight of which is exploring new places while getting paid. But as business travellers know, it also comes with a set of challenges—and what to pack in a suitcase shouldn’t be one of them.

Whether you’re bound to go on your first business trip soon or you frequently fly across the country to meet clients, packing smartly is a key skill to master. The ultimate goal? To pack light, dress up efficiently, and stay in style for meetings. Ahead, we share packing tips for the jetsetting lady boss.  

Pack wrinkle-proof fabrics

Seawool is made from recycled plastic bottles derived from the oceans, grinded into powder with the help of oyster shells sourced from the food industry. Finally, natural upcycled cotton fibres are added for maximum softness. Seawool only leaves a minimised carbon footprint and in addition provides a wide range of performance and comfort benefits. These include a soft woollen touch, insulating warmth and wrinkle resistant. Seawool dries quickly and has anti-static properties as well as stopping odour in a natural way. Seawool garments therefore stay fresh for longer, preventing unnecessary washing, all improving the lifespan of each garment. Coster Copenhagen produce Seawool knits that are timeless and classic in expression, ensuring they last and transcend seasons. 1 kilogram of Seawool approximately reuses 60 plastic bottles.

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Forego white items

While it’s an essential neutral, white is a tricky color to pack for a business trip. One accidental stain can basically leave you at the endgame. Choose darker tones or, if you can, business-friendly prints like stripes or houndstooth so you don’t have to worry about stains or dirt showing! If you work in the fashion or beauty industry, you have a lot more wiggle room to pick staples in fun patterns such as this earthy lava-print Coster Copenhagen shirt. 

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Keep outerwear versatile and sharp

Outerwear can be heavy, so choose only one or two of the best ones to bring. The ideal piece of outerwear is one that pairs well with virtually everything you packed while keeping you looking professional in meetings. Tailoring is key to looking sharp and stylish, so make sure your blazers fit well.

Go easy on accessories

Accessories can unnecessarily weigh down your suitcase (and you!), so keep it to a few sophisticated pieces that will work well for everything in your agenda. Even better, forego statement accessories and pack a bold but professional lip colour instead—which is practically weightless but still chic!

Bring multi-use beauty products

A useful packing tip for all beauty-loving jetsetters, bringing multi-functional beauty products can cut down on luggage weight. For business trips, narrow it down to items that will keep you looking and feeling fresh. Multi-use products like foundations that moisturise and protect you from the sun, or lip products that double as a blush should do the trick!

Pack a dress that goes from day to night

Got a boardroom meeting and corporate dinner in your agenda? Pack a dress that can take you to both! Look for a dress with a business-ready silhouette that you can play up or down. Versatile numbers like these save space in your luggage and allow you to seamlessly transition from one destination to the next!

This Coster Copenhagen shirt dress in rain print feature front pockets, a midi cut, and a belted waist—professional enough for business, but refined enough for after-hours! 

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Organise smartly

Because you run on a jam-packed schedule, you want to make the “getting dressed” part of things as efficient and fuss-free as possible. Try to minimise suitcase malfunctions by keeping your precious workwear items neatly packed in water-proof bags. It also saves space and reduces wrinkles if you roll your items instead of fold it!

Think light for your feet!

Just like outerwear, shoes you pack should be versatile enough to match what you will wear. A pair of pumps that go well with everything from your boardroom suit to your evening dress is always a business travel staple. But so are sneakers for those off-duty days—you want to stay comfortable and quick on your feet while touring a new city! If you want to hit the gym at your hotel, make sure your sneakers are workout-friendly, too—the key is for items to work for different environments and agenda.

Your wardrobe should be the last thing you should worry about for a business trip—but at the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice style. After all, the right workwear increases confidence and comfort. The better you get at selecting the best workwear items to bring on a trip, the more you can breeze through packing and dressing up!

We would love to hear your tips of how you pack smart for trips away. Don’t forget to share your tips in the comments below.

Have a great day!

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