The Stylish And Comfortable Outfits You Should Be Wearing This Christmas

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Theatre trips, music events, summer holidays, and mindless journeys around enormous indoor shopping centres (oh how we took them for granted!) may have been cancelled this year – but we’re determined to make sure Christmas 2020 can go ahead as merrily as possible.

While our plans for Christmas are understandably up in the air, there are still lots of things we can do that are on the government’s approved list. And after the year we’ve had, and the sacrifices we’ve made, we are determined to make every moment count.  

What Are We Allowed To Do For Christmas 2020?

We want to make the most of seeing our loved ones this festive season, and we don’t really care what measures we have to take to do it. Whether it’s a walk in the park with one other person, (we hope it can be more, but we’ll take anything we can get) Zoom calls with the entire girl gang, (Zooms with gin and friends aren’t quite as tiresome as Monday morning work meetings, are they?) or just getting dressed up and dropping a Secret Santa gift on someone’s doorstep on Christmas Eve, we’re going to do it. And we want to look fabulous in the process!

What Should I Wear For Christmas?

We’re used to living our entire lives in loungewear these days, butwe want to put that to one side for the festive season and rock something a little bit fancier. We don’t want to see a single pyjama bottom or slipper(we’ll save those for Christmas morning and for another inevitable lockdown) but we still want a mix of comfort and style; especially when there are mince pies and seconds (maybe even thirds) to be eaten… 

Comfortable And Stylish Clothes To Wear This Christmas

Luckily, there’s no need to choose between style and comfort this Christmas season, as we have some wonderful pieces that easily tick both boxes – no compromises necessary! 

A Comfortable Long Sleeved Dress

Moss Copenhagen Zebra Green Print Dress

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This zebra print dress in a very Christmassy green hue incorporates both style and comfort, and is the perfect piece to wear on Christmas Day. Thanks to the generous sizing and the elasticated waist, this Moss Copenhagen dress will definitely accommodate a Christmas feast and all the extras that come alongside it.

This dress is a must-have, but not just for Christmas Day – the vibrant print can stand out on any Zoom call, and can even be worn post-COVID to the theatre, fancy restaurants, and any other event where you want to make an impression.

How To Wear: Add some bold accessories such as this IOAKU Swarovski ring and IOAKU Iconic Zen necklace to take the look to another level. Don’t forget, this dress can also be tightened to accentuate your waist (add a belt to cinch your waist in even more) or leave it loose and flowing. Both wonderful options, although we think we’ll go for the latter option for Christmas dinner…  

IOAKU Silver / Black Iconic Zen Necklace 

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IOAKU Swarovski Ring

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A Chunky, Vibrant Winter Scarf

Kate & Pippa Allover Print Scarf

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You may want to wait until you get back to your 2019 weight to splash out on a whole new wardrobe; and that’s ok, as you can still look festive and fabulous by adding a few simple accessories to some existing favourites. We believe that you can never have too many accessories, and scarves in particular are just one of those pieces that you can wear season after season and with virtually anything in your wardrobe.

How To Wear: This Kate & Pippa printed scarf is wonderful for wearing over your old faithful coat, as it will breathe new life into an older piece and make you feel a little bit special too. (When has wearing something new not made a woman feel special?) This scarf is large enough to wrap around you indoors too, and is great for disguising certain parts you might not be comfortable with showing off just yet. Animal print jazzes up any outfit, so team with your most flattering pieces – or go for the classic slimming all-black colour palette – and let the scarf do the rest.  

A Warm Winter Coat

Garcia Beige Parka

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Christmas markets might be a little different this year, but the best part about them wasn’t the markets themselves, but the friends we attended them with. We’ve accepted that a lot of our Christmas meet-ups are going to be outside, and we’re fine with that, because there’s something quite cosy about wrapping up in our oversized winter coats, layering up with scarves and gloves, and sipping on a hot chocolate or mulled wine as we catch up with some of our favourite people.

How To Wear: This beige parka coat is the perfect piece for battling the elements this Christmas. It’s water-repellent, has a hood with a fluffy faux fur lining, and comes down past the knees, which means it will do a great job of keeping the rain and chill at bay. If we have waited months to see our friends, we won’t let anything like a little rain or cold stand in our way! Team with waterproof boots – maybe even wellies if a long walk with the dogs in a muddy park is on the agenda – and your biggest scarf.

No Loungewear

Garcia Sporty Trousers

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Why choose between style and comfort when you can have both? These elasticated trousers by Garcia will delight anyone who might be reluctant to give up on loungewear this Christmas. They come in black, navy, and of course, red – obviously our number one choice for Christmas – and it’s not hard to see why we want them in all three shades.

The best thing about these trousers is the fact that they don’t look like loungewear or sportswear at all; no one would believe that they’re as comfy as they are, especially if you go all-out in terms of accessorising.

How To Wear: If you add a chic blazer or fitted jacket and scarf, and choose some bold, wow-factor accessories, these will look just as sharp as any fitted pair of tailored trousers in your wardrobe. 

A Flattering Winter Skirt

Moss Copenhagen Blue Zebra Print Skirt

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No need to squeeze into some uncomfortably tight clothes that used to fit you pre-lockdown just to look good. For those who find jeans a little too restrictive right now, may we suggest some wonderful skirts that come in gorgeous darker winter colour palettes? This zebra print skirt is definitely one of our favourites (animal print is so in right now, in case you haven’t already noticed) as we feel so free and stylish just looking at it.

No one will know that we’ve put on a few pounds over lockdown; and best of all, this Moss Copenhagen skirt will still allow us to eat and drink freely the whole day without awkwardly unbuttoning our trousers before the last course is even served.

How To Wear: This skirt really does go with everything! Team with cute ankle boots or black knee high boots, and tuck a chunky polo-neck jumper inside for ultimate comfort and style. Show off your style prowess by adding some layered necklaces, or inject a pop of colour with a scarf in a bold hue or contrasting print. When the weather gets a little warmer or you want a slightly smarter aesthetic, add a crisp blouse and some sky scraping heels.  

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