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Keri Denney – More Life in Our Life

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q: Please give us a brief introduction to you

A: Keri Denney Massage Therapist and Wellness Advocate, graduated from the National Holistic Institute in California in 1997 and started bringing Massage Therapy and Wellness to offices, hospitals, sporting events, private practice and more for 20 years until relocating to Ireland in 2017 with her husband and daughter. Restarting in Kildare, Ireland Keri is passionate about self care and wellness and helping you feel great in your body.

q: What reasons encouraged you to set up your own business?

A:  I knew I could not work in a cubicle for  the rest of my life. I did not see a desirable way to move up in the company so I decided to look for something else where I could help people doing something I enjoyed.

q: This business was very different to what you had been working at. What was it that made this so appealing to you?

A:  I was working in an office doing customer service and really enjoyed helping customers but did not like all the office politics, gossip, etc. I have always loved helping people and being of service. That is why I decided to make a change. So many people are in pain and don’t realise that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel great in your body. You can enjoy life. You can do what you love. I quit my
job and started Massage Therapy school and started my own business.

q: How easy was it to set up a new business in California?

A:  I like to jump in with both feet. So it was fairly easy. I quit my job, signed up for Massage Therapy school and just went for it. After a few weeks in school we could start working on “real” people so I started talking to everyone about my new business adventure and it grew from there mainly word of  mouth referrals for 20 years.

q: What were some of the problems you faced and how did you overcome them?

A:  One problem when you are working at something you love is to take business things personally. If someone cancelled their appointment- did they hate me?- No, they just needed to change their appointment. This is an opportunity to look at that reaction and grow personally and get policies in place in your business to protect your time and efforts.  

q: Like a lot of new business owners you supplemented your income by working as a temp too. In reality did this support the growth of your new business?

A:  This strangely did benefit my business because people were always curious why I was only working in the office 1 day a week and then it would open up the conversation on how I was building my Massage Therapy business and in fact my office is right across the road and would they like to book a lunch time session or after work. Perhaps I can bring the massage to you since I offer Office Chair Massage as well. They would go talk to the appropriate manager or HR person and basically set it up for me so that was always amazing.

q: Congratulations on your move to Ireland and Welcome! Had you always dreamt of living in Ireland?

A:  I did. It was just a dream but then I thought in my 20’s I could make it a reality but then the dream went on the back burner for a long time. Many Holidays to Ireland over the years to see extended family, never wanting to leave, until my husband and I came for a visit together and he said he would like to live here someday. So “some day” became July 2017.

q: I’m sure you had expectations of what life in Ireland would be like. In reality did these come true and what has surprised you the most?

A:  I think I had a picture in my head of living here would be like life was as a kid walking up the town, eating sweets, finding adventures here and there cozy in my Granny’s house all summer long. But life is just life and cousins have grown up and have kids and jobs and all those responsibilities and they are not waiting around to see their wild American cousin. However, life is so much more. As a family we have more life in our life. People always want the gift of time and by just reducing commuting times we have more time in our day and energy to do things together. It isn’t only running the rat race but there is an overall feeling of respect towards each other. Now I am not saying Ireland is perfect but nobody is trying to cut me out so they can get ahead.

q: Setting up a business in a new country can be daunting. You took some brave steps to establish your business in Ireland. Tell us how you did this.

A:  I thought it would be just as easy to just show up and say now I am ready to heal you! I have struggled a bit to get the ball rolling but also really enjoying the process of getting really clear on how I want to show up in the healing practice. I have had time to take on things I may never had living in California like becoming a Zumba instructor on top of a Massage Therapist, doTerra Wellness Advocate, mother of a very determined now 11 year old, wife etc. But getting to know other people in business was essential. I joined the Women’s Inspire Network on recommendation of a friend and discovered an amazing group of ladies who are following their dreams and passions who need support and are fantastic at giving support as well. No matter what we do we can all help each other one way or another.

q: With so many roles in our lives, us women sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. Do you see this often and what tips can you give us to help?

A:  Yes. Often women will wait until they just cannot deal with something anymore to finally take time out. Well you don’t wait for your car engine to stop working before you check the oil. You maintain it on a regular basis. We tend to put everyone else first and forget about ourselves. My number one tip is that self-care is not being selfish. You are one of those people you need to take care of too.
Excuses are easy but if you really want to be here for your family and your career and everything else you need to take care of you. You cannot pour from an empty cup.

q: What advice would you give to someone who feels they have lost their sense of who they are?

A:  If you have lost a sense of who you are it is really important to get back to YOU. Take small steps each day figuring out who you are, what sets your spirit on fire, what lights you up. This will make you smile more, relieve stress and make you show up in the world more as you. Authentically. Not only as a mother or business owner or whatever box you have put yourself in but this and more.
That is the best self care.

q: Where can people find you?

A:  I am based in Kildare and can work from my place or go to you.
Keri Denney Massage and Wellness on Facebook and Linkedin and @selfcareKeri on Twitter and Instagram


mobile: 083 040 6556

I love helping people feel better in their bodies with massage, movement and essential oils. I love creating self care days for you and your friends.

Have a great day!