How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe
Part 4: Coordinating Shoes and Handbags

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Arguably, one of the most challenging aspects of creating a fashion-forward outfit is coordinating your shoes and handbag.

After all, you could have picked out the ideal clothing pieces, only to realise that you don’t have the right shoes to match or your handbag appears out of place. Sigh.

Not to worry - we’re here to help you develop a capsule wardrobe that is just as practical as it is stylish.

Once you’ve had a clear out, picked out key pieces and allocated accents for your new capsule wardrobe, then it’s time to up your shoe and handbag game.

Read on for the shoe and handbag staples that you need to include to be able to mix and match them to perfection. 

The Comfy Flats

Firstly, you should always feature some comfy flats in your capsule wardrobe for those particularly hectic days running errands or exploring a new city with the kids.

Whether it’s a beautiful pair of ballet-style flats that slip on like a dream or some chunky trainers that you can walk in for hours, be sure to choose neutral tones that compliment any outfit colour palette. We’re talking about black or white especially, but grey, nude, silver and gold can also work quite well.

And the good news? Activewear doesn’t count towards your total amount of capsule wardrobe pieces. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about adding in a pair of functional shoes for your daily run while keeping the numbers down, for example. 

The Fancy Heels

Now that we’ve covered casual footwear, it’s time that we address the shoes you might need for a smart-casual, or even formal, occasion.

Be sure to have a pair of heels in your capsule wardrobe that you can use to dress up an outfit for a night on the town or fancy dinner.

For instance, heeled boots would work seamlessly for the autumn/winter months. Alternatively, opt for a strappy sandal or wedge for the spring/summer months.

Either way, if you stick to neutral tones, you’ll inevitably get the most wear out of this footwear wardrobe staple, regardless of how long you want each capsule to last for. 

The Cute Daytime Bag

In terms of handbags, you definitely need to include at least one daytime bag that you can use for everyday purposes.

Whether this is a large shopping tote to take to the office, a simple crossbody bag or a serviceable backpack for travelling with the kids, you need to think about the type of handbag that will carry all your belongings and get you through most days.

And if you need two to make your life easier? Well, go ahead and allocate two. We won’t tell anyone.

The Dressy Evening Bag

Finally, you also need a handbag in your capsule wardrobe that will cohesively tie together a dressier outfit and coordinate with your fancy heels for a smart-casual occasion.

Our suggestion? A leather-look grab-and-go handbag with a short handle (or handles) or a metallic clutch.

Essentially, if you stick to neutral colours like we previously recommended for your heels, you can mix, match and set off your outfit (and footwear) until your heart’s content. 

Curating a Reusable Shoe and Handbag Collection

In summary, you need to carefully select shoe and handbag options for your capsule wardrobe that will work with the clothing pieces you’ve already picked out.

You’ll probably find that one casual shoe and one dressy shoe will be enough, just as one daytime bag and one evening bag will be enough.

That said, do whatever works according to your lifestyle and the season - and you won’t go far wrong.

Good news - once you’ve set aside your shoes and handbags, you’ve almost finished creating your capsule wardrobe! The fifth and final part is called: “Getting Creative With Accessories” and will be coming soon! Are you ready for it? Let us know how you’ve been getting on so far.

Have a great day!

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