Do you confuse Fashion with Style

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Do you confuse Fashion with Style?


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Do you confuse fashion with style? I know I certainly did, for a long time in fact. Regularly I would lust after the latest clothing pieces in magazines, what the celebrities were wearing and what was adorned on the catwalk.

Excitedly I’d click purchase – positive that once my pieces would arrive I would be transformed into this amazing beautiful person filled with confidence.

The reality was I felt like an imposter wearing these outfits. I was trying to be a version of somebody else and it just simply wasn’t me. What I discovered was that I was basically following fashion and trying to look and appear like everybody else.

“Fashions fade, Style is eternal.” ~ Yves Saint Laurent Fashion comes and goes so quickly but style can last forever.

Style is truly personal and it’s how you express yourself to the world. It can change depending on your mood, what’s going on in your life or what you have planned for the day. No matter what though it will always remain a true reflection of who you are.

If you look at your group of girlfriends you can quickly see that they each have their own individual style. How many times have you borrowed some clothing off a friend but worn it a slightly different way? Perhaps you simply added a belt, a tailored blazer or matched it with flats instead of heels. That is simply your expression of how you want to showcase it and that represents – Your Style.

Confidence shines when you dress to your style. You’re no longer anxious about how you look, you start your day off in a positive way and it’s much easier being the authentic version of yourself. Plus think of the money you will save no longer having to always keep up with trends.

You may have one style or you may be somebody like me who has multiple styles. Your style might be influenced by your culture, by your profession or by your personal values but regardless of this - Your Style is never Right or Wrong – it simply is.

What does your unique style represent? How has it changed over the years? How does your style make you feel? Do you struggle expressing your style?

We’d love to hear your stories on what style means for you...

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Enjoy the rest of your day